Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Love Your Big Sweaty Butt!

Today's run will come later today with Heather if we can avoid downpours and thunderstorms. I will blog about it tomorrow! :)

In the meantime, I came across this really awesome video today. Anyone who likes the Colbert Report and running will be in heaven. Please, watch this video and I hope it intrigues and humors you as much as it did me!

Here is the link in case I can't get the video to work:

Firstly, Daniel Lieberman, a Harvard Professor of Biological Sciences identified humans as being unique mainly because we sweat and chew. According to Lieberman, our big, beautiful butts are our strongest muscle. Because of our derrieres we have the power to push ourselves forward and not fall flat on our faces every time we take a step. A huge deal when running :)

Next, we cool our body through sweat. Lieberman explains how other animals, such as dogs, cannot cool themselves while running. They must choose to either pant or run. I guess this is how our ancestors killed prey before the invention of tools. We would chase down animals until they chose running for too long and their bodies overheated and we could kill them. Gruesome, isn't it? But fascinating!

So the moral of the story is that we should all embrace our posteriors and remember that they keeps us from plunging face first into the ground. And to revel in our stinky sweaty musk because it means we wouldn't starve if somehow transported to caveman times.

I also wanted to touch on shoes. Colbert shows us his Vibram-type shoes and they discuss which is better to run in. Although Lieberman seems to lean towards minimalist and barefoot running, he says that shoes are good too. As long as our form isn't doing anything that would hurt us if we ran barefoot. Good to know!

Therefore I would like to share with you the shoes that I have :)
For speed work I run in my Pearl Izumi Em Road N 1's. I won these at a Run for Boston fun run :) LOVE THEM! They are a neutral road racing shoe.

My main shoes are the Saucony Guide 5's. I have a pair in red/gold and in yellow. These shoes are a trainer and have moderate stability.

To switch it up every now and then I also have a neutral trainer. The Saucony Ride 4. I love this shoe, and unfortunately will have to retire it soon. But the Ride 5's have some awesome colors... and the Ride 6's might even be out!

Finally I have my trail shoes, which are also Saucony! (surprise, surprise) These are the Guide TR 3 which are just like my red and yellow pair but a bit more weather-proof and with greater tread. I use these shoes for the trails and icy winter sidewalks. :)

I just can't help it! I absolutely love shoes, and my favorites are Saucony's. They fit my foot shape perfectly and are well made and (usually) have awesome colors to pick from. The toe box is large enough that I just don't encounter blisters, even in a brand new pair. That in itself is worth it's weight in gold. The Pearl Izumi's are also a wonderfully comfortable ride. They too have a spacious toe box that spares me blisters, and none of my shoes have any heel slippage :)

What animal would you chase if you had to catch your dinner?
What shoes do you run in? Why do you like them?

Safe and happy running!

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