Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Functioning Alcoholic :p

First off, last night was a blast.
I actually got my lifting in after work, which I didn't think I was going to do. And I'm squatting 110 now for 3 sets of 10, which I'm pretty happy about. Especially since it doesn't hurt my knee :) After lifting I went home for a quick shower and my family arrived. We went to UNOs for dinner and drinks.
My first legal alcoholic beverage was champagne at the house before we left. Then a wildberry lemonade at UNOs. After dinner we went to a local bar for some shots. 2 Jagerbombs, a Kamikaze, and something my sister ordered for me which was really good.
I'm pretty sure it was vodka and cranberry of some sort. Yum! I really enjoyed this night out with my family and friends :)

Since everyone had things to in the morning (work for most of us), we called it an early night and Brian and I were home by 10, sleeping by 11. It made for a functioning day today, though!! :)
No, that wet hair is not from sweat! It is from the complete torrential downpour that was thrust upon me from the sky during my first mile this morning. And no, those are not raccoon eyes, but makeup from last night smeared everywhere from said rain and me trying to keep the droplets out of my eyes. The sad part is, it barely sprinkled for the last 35-30 mins of this run so I had actually dried off some by the time I got back in, if that gives you any indication of how wet I really was!!
Not sure if you can see the difference in color from the front of my shirt versus the back. The wetness line is just to the left of the seam. It was actually kind of fun to run in the rain, and it was my first rainy run that was voluntary. It would have been better if I had a hat to keep the drizzle out of my eyes, but it stopped in the beginning of the run, so that was good.
This run was a very hilly run as well, and I did it without my knee brace going totally by feel. I tried to be very in tune with my body and take shorter strides to make things a little easier on my joints. My pace didn't suffer from changing my strides and taking it easy, so that was awesome. Right now my knees feel awesome. My left shoulder did get really tight and kinda crampy during this run, though. I made mental check-ins every now and then to be sure and keep my shoulders relaxed and my arms down towards my waist instead of tucked up close to my chest. Perhaps the dehydration from last nights alcohol caused this? My shoulders don't usually hurt unless its the end of a long run and very warm out.
On a funnier note, I seem to be tripping over my own two feet. A lot, lately. And always with someone around to see it. I actually tripped just moments ago while I was putting a paper away in the midst of writing this post. My first conclusion was that I was drunk from last night, and that's why I was functioning so well this morning. Since I didn't drink that much and I really feel fine today, I ruled that option out. I think the real reason I keep tripping is because for physical therapy, my left hip was so tight that my left leg was actually a bit shorter than my right from the way my hip was rotated. Since I have stretched it out tremendously and my legs are now the same length and looseness, I think this is why I'm tripping all over the place.

And on that note, have you ever had a chiropractic adjustment or anything that moved your hips around altering your legs just slightly enough that you walk in circles or trip like a fool? (I've felt like I'd been veering in circles from the chiropractor before)
Also, tell me about your 21st birthday! If you remember it, that is ;)

Safe and happy running,

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