Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Catching up :)

HOLY CRAP! Wednesday's workout was a little more than difficult. 86 degrees and humid, and my bright self decided to do a speed workout smack in the middle of the afternoon. But I felt good about myself afterwards, even though my legs were threatening to cramp. And I puked a little.
And there's the splits. I edited the summary for moving time and took out my rests (the white rows). Not bad, not bad :) Half mile warm up and then 6 half mile repeats with a half mile cool down. In about 86 degree humid weather. Which is hot for these parts. I'm super pleased with the run! My goal was to get 4:00 or less for each half mile. I did that and then some! Although the last three were treacherous to finish. I definitely had to push it and test my mental capabilities because boy, was my entire body tired!
I did this run with Heather on a local high school track. The map was hilarious and I had to share it! :)

Then Thursday morning was a 3.5 mile recovery run (okay, 3.65 miles). There was so much fog and humidity this morning that my glasses kept fogging up! I had to stop about 7 times to wipe them off because I couldn't see! This humidity has got to go. Soon.
On a cheerier note, I've gotten so many new running outfits thanks to birthday giftcards :)

And I won a Sweaty Band from a giveaway on 'Ello Honey Bee's blog! (www.ellohoneybee.com)
 Saturday held a long run in more heat and humidity (surprise, surprise). Although I slept in a little and didn't get out for this run until 8 ish and saw SO MANY other runners and bikers because of it! I guess that little extra hour brings everyone else outside :p I was lucky to avoid the flooding we've been getting lately. We've had a flash flood warning for about two weeks. They just keep extending the warning. And one day last week a whole bunch of roads were shut down. I actually did have to pick a different route for my long run than what I originally wanted because about a tenth of a mile away from my apartment the road I wanted was closed. I'm pleased with the route I took, however. It was hillier than what I wanted but felt good. Plus, the Boilermaker and my upcoming half are both going to be hilly so I should do more of them!
Not bad overall. Nearly 10.5 miles at a fairly decent pace for the mugginess. I was pleased with it :) And my knee felt great afterwards! I took an unscheduled rest day on Friday. I am so glad I did, otherwise I don't think I could have gone quite so far with no pain.

Yesterday held an easier hilly run. Again, the humidity was terrible. I can't wait until this crazy weather is over. I'm sick of muggy, hot, rain, and thunderstorms!! It's getting ridiculous.
I love the splits for this run. Each one a little faster :) Mainly because the first mile was all uphill, the second half up and half down, and then the third all down, but who cares :p

Phew! I know it's a long post but I'm almost done catching everything up! Today I have 40 minutes of cross training to do. I'm thinking 30 on the elliptical and 10 on the stair stepper after work.

I've cut down physical therapy to twice a day and am going to continue it for a few more days and then drop down to once a day and see how that goes. The twice a day was a little achy for the first few days but now it's doing quite well. I started tapering yesterday and am thankful for it. I'm getting a little fatigued from following such a rigorous training schedule. The end is in sight, though and it should be just fun from here on out! The Boilermaker is 12 days and then I have a few days of easier recovery runs followed by one more up in mileage for my long run and then I taper for two weeks for my Colorado trip and half marathon :)

What's the hardest workout you've ever done? How about your longest distance?
Is anyone else addicted to running clothes as much as I am?!

Safe and happy running!


  1. You had some awesome workouts. Things are going well.
    The hardest workout for me is the tempo run. Always too fast or too slow.

    1. Thanks! I've never actually done a tempo run. They intimidate me!! And I love intervals, so that's usually just what I do for speed work :p