Monday, June 24, 2013

Catching Up

Where do I even start! Working two jobs has me pretty tired and tight on time. These next two weeks should be a bit slower, and I am thankful for that. Why don't I start with Thursday's speed work?
I was aiming for about a 7 minute mile, which would have been anything less than 1:45 per split. Didn't happen. But it makes it something to work towards! The effort was definitely there even if the pace wasn't.

Saturday's long run was a 9 miler and was tough to get through. My legs were tired from the busy week, and I think I was a bit dehydrated. I really need to work on drinking more water. I checked out a new section of one of my regular routes and quite enjoyed it! I wish I had brought my phone on that run because it was an awesome view. At one point the path went up and over a highway and it was really awesome to be standing on top of the traffic on just a little pathway (there was adequate fence/railing/stuff). I also saw 4 other runners, which was awesome. One at the beginning of the run during mile 2 and three during mile 9. This was extra cool because I was out the door around 6:30am. My internal clock doesn't let me sleep in. Ever.
Here were the splits:
As you can see I was a sloth on Saturday. I was hoping for a quicker run about a minute faster for each mile, but I'll take what I can get. I still don't want to push it too hard and further injure my knee. I've been down to 2 sessions of my physical therapy exercises per day and it seems to be okay. there are minor aches and pains but I think it has more to do with the humidity than with my injury, because it is more of an ache instead of a burning. Also, it's around my knee not under the kneecap...

The rest of Saturday was nice. I spent it up north with my out of state family from: Indiana, Colorado, and Maine. I missed my New Hampshire family during the insane workweek. After a lot of porch sitting, the fiance and I stayed at my mom's house and went even further north for a gathering of his family. It was our nephew's 2nd birthday party :) lots of cake, presents, balloons, food, and a pool. Which was awesome in the heat! I hopped in and hung out with the kids, monitoring those that couldn't swim. Also walked back and forth and did some kicking to try and rehab the ache out of my knees. Which actually worked because the muscles felt a little less sore and my knees a little less achy :)
Today would never show that the pool helped, though! I felt slow today too. Although my moving pace is faster than what my Garmin was telling me during the run. The humidity this morning felt like I was running through not only soup, but chowder! It was insane how humid it was. Going uphill for most of the run didn't help me either. Annnnd since I was just out and about exploring, I explored a little too much and did 5.1 miles instead of the 4.5 I had planned for today. Kinda good though. I don't mind front loading the week to make the long run on Saturday easier. I saw two runners outside today :)

Well, that's an abridged version of what I've been up to this week!
What time does your internal clock wake you at?
Have you ever daydreamed or miscalculated and done more than you intended? Less?

Safe and happy running!

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