Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday Long Run

I lifted for a quick session yesterday after work and today was the long run! I was a little concerned whether or not my knee would hurt for this run. Since Thursday night some of the burning irritation has been coming back around the top edge of my kneecap. Yesterday it was a little worse. It may have been the weather agitating it, but that makes me sound incredibly old... I shouldn't be feeling aches and pains from the weather already!!

Either way I laced up my shoes and headed out the door with my brace on to see how much I'd get done. This long run was a first, because I did it with my (much faster) roommate. It was my first long run with a running buddy and I really enjoyed it. Not only did he have me pushing the pace because he's 7,000 times faster than me, but it was really nice to have conversation. It made the run go by faster and was more pleasant than those runs where you're alone and all you have for conversation is the voice inside your head saying "are we done yet?"
Here are the splits for our run. (Again, if you click on it, it will get big enough to read.) I felt bad because I was slowing him down but this was a really good run for me! It's almost consistent negative splits which is awesome. And not only that, it's only about 10 seconds slower than what I ran the Boilermaker 15K at last year. Which is completely awesome and makes me wonder if a PR is in reach for this year, despite my knee injury. During the run and after the knee actually felt really good. While doing my physical therapy my hip popped and shifted quite loudly, and I'm still not sure if it was an okay pop or not. I took some ibuprofin just as a precautionary measure and may ice it if it begins hurting. As of right now though I'm doing okay.
This was my reward to myself for finishing my long run. NO. For completely killing that run :) And let me just say they were the best blueberry pancakes I think I've ever eaten. Even though it made enough to feed small village. I stuck them in the fridge for later, or for my roommate as his reward for running with me.

I definitely want to do more running with him. Especially speedwork. Imagine how fast I'd be if I consistently tried to keep up with him! Big dreams, I know. I do have to still take it a little easy with the knee until I'm completely in the clear. I'm definitely not going to go back to not being able to run for two months. Not an option.

Not too much to say besides that today. I think I'm going to lay down for a nap and wait for the fiance to get home from golfing. Oh, and let my wonderful Garmin that I could not imagine ever running without again charge.

Safe and happy running!


  1. So if I ever run a long distance with you, I get pancakes???!!! =p

    1. A morning long run! Afternoon runs get pesto or Chinese :)

  2. Ran a hill 10k on Saturday - 56:08 - I was thrilled! Now it is really time to taper! Chris