Tuesday, June 4, 2013

TuhRails, Huff, Puff

Yesterday's cardio was a Wilderness trail not too far from my apartment. I did this run as my first one with all my new running gear: Garmin, iPod shuffle, RoadID. I really liked all my gear and think I found a way to clip on my shuffle so it's not obtrusive and my headphones stay in. I'm really loving the shuffle! Awesome investment. Especially since we got a new roommate who's room is closer to my workout room, so I can no longer blare music in the morning. The downstairs neighbor probably appreciates this as well. The freedom of running around without my giant phone armband is quite enjoyable.

The weather was perfect at mid-60s with a wind that cooled us down in the woods. We needed the breeze because those hills kicked my butt! I'm pretty impressed with our pace of roughly 11:20 for 3 miles since it was a trail run. Not only that, but it was Heather's first and my second ever. Progress! I'm definitely going to do more hill work, speed work, and trails because my half marathon in August is all on a hilly trail. I'm going to need the practice with the elevation change. Since I didn't take my phone on last nights trail run, I don't have pictures of the gorgeous (yet muddy) woods we ran in. I do however, have pictures of our adventures afterwards!
Apparently trail running makes us absolutely crazy. We headed off to WalMart to get supplies to make the greatest concoction you will ever consume: pesto. And made a stop for frozen yogurt on the way. I introduced Heather to it (the random girl in the orange that's driving) and I think I've started an addiction in her!
I also introduced her to the pesto, and pretty much every time she stays over we make it. She's always pining for pine nuts :)
Now now, Heather, wait until we get home! I successfully got the fiance to make dinner for us (he makes the pesto wayyyyy better than I do), and I must say, it was delicious!
The scrumptious result had enough leftovers for lunch and probably dinner tonight. I like to cook in bulk so I don't have to cook as often or wash as many dishes. I loathe washing dishes.

This mornings workout was 45 minutes on the bike. It was hard to wake up but I'm glad I got it in (as always).  The bike is starting to get easier again, and soon I'll be able to go faster with higher resistance. For now though I did a pretty low resistance (like a flat road, maybe a small incline).  My workout consisted of a five minute warm up with seven sets of one minute hard, one minute easy, one minute hard, thirty seconds easy, thirty seconds sprint, one minute easy. It went pretty fast. Sprintervals always seem to make the workout go faster for me. It felt good and really loosened up my legs from yesterdays trail.
Tired, but happy! And covered in sweat! Even though we've broken through our heat wave there is still some humidity and being on a second floor apartment makes it a warm ride.

I got called yesterday for a second interview at Dick's Sporting Goods. It was for 10am today and I'm pleased to announce that I have a second job! I'm very excited to start next week, except I'm probably going to want to buy absolutely everything in the store. My running addiction and shopping addiction will combine... I am always buying running shorts and capris with the occasional technical tee. I will have to work on my self control. Or just not bring my wallet to work with me...? That could work!

Later today I'll try to get some Pilates in and tomorrow holds speed work and lifting.
And now for some questions! What terrain is your favorite to run on?
What food do you work out for?
And lastly, what gear do you compulsively buy even though you don't need?

Safe and happy running!

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  1. Hey if other people could taste that pesto they'd be pining for pine nuts too lol!