Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Worrying Gets You Nowhere

It's amazing what 10.5 hours of sleep and over 3 water bottles can do for you... I feel much better! Although mentally I am dreading this day. 13 hours of work? No, thanks! Ah, well. Money is always nice.

This morning's workout was a bike ride... outdoors! I felt like I had a sticker slapped across my forehead that said "HAS NO IDEA WHAT SHE'S DOING."
Now, let's face it. I do know how to ride a bike. I'm just extremely unstable and a huge worry-wart. "What if I fall? What if ...." Okay, it's pretty much just what if I fall and get hurt. But by the end of the 50 minutes and 9+ miles, I was doing better. Feeling a little more at ease and confident. I wish I had brought my new phone with me because the scenery along the canal was gorgeous this morning. There was literally smoke on the water and the sun hit it perfectly and the air was cool even though it was pretty humid still. And I saw four rabbits.

But now I want to talk about my new phone :)
That's right, it's waterproof! It's the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active. I got the blue one and I absolutely love it... Even though I'm not 100% sure how to use it yet. And I'm not sure if I'll ever actually put it underwater (what if?!) but it's really cool that it would (should) survive. Perhaps I'll test it to the max this weekend.

I'm going camping with my fiance and his parents :) I'm going to get my 10 mile long run in. As best I can... However we are leaving Friday night at about 10:00 after Brian has work and band practice and I have both jobs. We won't get to the campsite until about midnight, and then setting up the tent... And I have no knowledge of the area for running... And there are bears and wildlife...

I'm just a big ball of worry today!
My running worries are: GI issues, getting hit by a car, having a random heart attack/severe dehydration in an area where no one will find me, stepping on a snake, twisting my ankle... wait, why do I run again?! Oh, yeah. Because running also relaxes me and makes me worry less about such things. You can tell it was a cross training day!! What worries you most about running? (if anything)

Safe and happy running!


  1. Hmmmm - worrying about running... I would say get bit by dogs and bonking at mile 24... Speaking of which...

    26.2 Miles in 5 hours and 8 minutes, I am now a marathoner :)

    (P.S. My watch said it was 26.5 Miles!!!)

    1. AWESOME!! I forgot to add dogs to my list of worries... :p