Thursday, July 18, 2013

Survival Mode, Engage!

I set out this morning for an easy 4 miles that my brain and body really didn't want to do. Upon returning to my apartment, I find that both the fiance and roommate have left for the day and I pray that the door is unlocked. It isn't.
So off I go again to where my fiance parks the trucks for work (thankfully it's close to home). Once I arrive, I see they've left for the day already. I plod over to the Byrne Dairy and use their phone to call my fiance who swears he didn't lock me out (um, okay... :p). While in Byrne Dairy, I got a lot of strange looks. I guess they're not used to a sweaty girl in running clothes hanging out before 7am... Any-who, he called our landlord, who called his wife, who came to let me in. And I still made it to work on time :p
I find it quite comical. As I turned the doorknob and realized I was locked out, I went into a mini panic. Our weather has been continuing it's hot and humid streak (temperatures have been in the high 90s or so), and I thought, "what if I'm locked out all day!?" As I trotted over to see if I could catch the fiance before work, my mind had ninja rolled into survival mode.
I found I was already plotting where I could get water and shade for the day, what I could do to avoid sunburn and dehydration, and how I might protect myself in the event someone tried to kidnap or attack me.
My worries were short lived though, because it only took about 5 minutes until the door was unlocked and I was back inside. But for those five minutes and extra mile and a half I felt like I was in the Hunger Games :p

Have you ever locked yourself out? How'd that go for you?
Ever been in public after a run? What was everyone's reaction?
Do you often feel like a ninja survivalist?

Safe and happy running!

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