Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bunny Count Calculations

This morning's run was my last before the Boilermaker. The rest of today and the next two days will focus on rest, hydration, and stretching/foam rolling. My cold is better but I really hope I can kick it completely by Sunday. My knee is also feeling a bit better, but not in prime condition for racing :p
I took this run easy and focused on just being able to breathe. It's terrible in the morning with my throat and stuffiness. My pace was all over the place. Sometimes I'd look down and be going 10:00/mi, sometimes 9:20/mi, and even 11:00/mi once! I hope plenty of rest will make for a good race. I've been slugging orange juice like it's my job! I also saw 6 rabbits on this run. That's a new record for the bunny count!
This morning while I was running I couldn't stop thinking about my upcoming race. I'm going to calculate some paces so I can know if I'll be on track or not.
My goal is to bring it in at under 1:30:00. So if I put 1:29:00 into a pace calculator for a 15K, I get a 9:32/mi average pace. If I put in 1:27:00 in I get 9:20/mi for a pace. So that is where my goal is. While my watch gives me a time for every mile, those paces are the average pace. With all the hills in the 15K, some miles will have to be faster and others can be slower. So I plan on writing down different time markers on my arm for different distances.
1mi- 9:32
2mi- 19:05
3mi- 28:38
5K- 29:39
4mi- 38:11
5mi- 47:44
6mi- 57:15
10K- 59:19
7mi- 1:06:50
8mi- 1:16:23
9mi- 1:25:56
15K- 1:29:00

Not sure which I'll write yet. I might put each of the miles, or I may do the different K distances. They have notifications set up at each K distance, but if I am zoned out I'd like to have the miles to keep in check. Plus, if I'm going too slow, just knowing at each K would probably have allowed for too much damage to catch back up on. Yup, definitely leaning towards writing the miles.

Do you have specific things you like to look for on your runs?
Do you write down your hopeful times for races?

Safe and happy running!


  1. Good luck this weekend!

    I always see rabbits... I watch for deer (had a couple cross on the path in front of me)

    For the marathon I used a pace band - (kind of like a charity band, but with pace on it) - and I bought one for my wife. She LOVED it, as she knew when to look for me (the race app that we had used in the past was about 10 minutes behind). For me - I knew the effort I was going, so I couldn't change up much one way or the other to stay with the band :)

    Good luck, cant wait to hear all about it!


    1. Awesome! I see deer every now and then too. Just the other day I saw two deer.
      I plan on telling my family when to expect me, give or take 10 mins. Last year they got a video of me crossing the finish line! :)
      Nice mileage this morning and a solid time :)

  2. P.S. 6.4 miles in 64 minutes for me this am! :)


  3. Another 6.4 miles for me this morning!

    Hopefully you are feeling better!

    1. I am feeling better. My knee is happier and I'm hydrated but my lungs feel shrunken. Difficult to get a deep breath. Hoping it goes away in the next day or so!