Monday, July 29, 2013


Wow, it's been awhile! Thursday's run was a quick run in the afternoon between Job 1 and Job 2. Pushed the pace because I wanted it to be done and over with! Plus, my iPod died about 1.5 miles in.
Despite being a rushed run, it was still beautiful.
Very sunny :)
 Last Friday I tried to get my final longish run in before the music festival I went to on Saturday. I headed out early afternoon without water and sorely misjudged the heat. By around mile 2 I was feeling it, and by mile 4 I needed to stop at one of the lock stations and grab some water. When I started again though I had a pretty severe pain in my lower abdomen which meant mile 5 was a walk/run, and by mile 6 I couldn't run anymore because I felt sick. I walked the final mile home and tried to eat something and shower but still just felt terrible.
I wish this last longer run had gone better :-/ I showed up to job number two, still feeling ill. The greeter at the door told me I looked green and called over the manager. He let me go home, thankfully.
This morning's run was a regular route and I experienced some shin tightness. I plan on doing more physical therapy than usual to get the aches gone before the half. I think I'll be okay, though. It's not an intense hurt, just enough where I notice it and it makes me wary.
If I can just make it through the rest of this week, I plan on rewarding myself with an entire week off of running. These are all the workouts I've done since the end of April. I love seeing all my progress, and that one un-highlighted week is making it not seem so tough. After all I've crossed off that is all I have left!!

I don't mean for it to sound like I'm not excited for my trip. I definitely am. Just with how busy I've been this summer, my knee injury, (and okay, I'm really going to miss my fiance for a week), I am getting a little worn down. This vacation is probably just what I need; some time away to regroup without any regular responsibilities like work or house chores. Right now though, I'm feeling anxious and nervous about the flight, sad about leaving Brian, and a little burnt out from running (DARE I SAY IT!!)
I will try to keep the posts rolling, but life is getting pretty hectic! And school starts in just 4 short weeks, so it's about to get a lot more hectic.

Safe and happy running!

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