Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Coping with Humidity and Concerts

First off...
THIS IS HOW I FEEL! Is this crazy mugginess ever going to stop?!? I'm really, really over it.

This mornings run I tried pushing the pace because I haven't run in a couple of days and I missed that heart-pumping, sweaty, deep breathing feeling. Definitely got the sweat part. And the effort was up there but my regular little 5K loop was slow for me.
Mehh, I'll take what I can get right now. I just want my knee to hold out for the next couple of months. I think upping the amount of PT I'm doing is definitely helping, just not as quickly as I'd like.
Work was crazy last night. It would be dead and then all of a sudden there would be spurts of customers all buying running gear. :) I got to chat a lot about the upcoming 15K, and it helped get me a little more excited than I've been. Still trying to deal with the fact that I might not get a PR. Deep breaths. I think that's something that a lot of runners struggle with. We have that strong internal drive to be the best we possibly can and to push through everything because it makes us feel invincible. So when we can't go as hard or fast or far as we'd like it's a difficult pill to swallow. That mindset is probably what started my injury in the first place! That and overuse from upping mileage too quickly.

Not only was work dragging, but while I was stuck in there (which really wasn't terrible, I like it at Dick's Sporting Goods) my fiance and roommate got to go the the Sublime concert. I AM STILL SO JEALOUS! They had an amazing time and I'd have much rather been with them.

Do you let running overtake your life? Do you miss other fun things to do training runs or races? How does your family deal with the amount of time you devote to fitness?
Also, feel free to tell me your story of when you really wanted a good race and it just didn't happen. (And  how you got through it, lived to see another day, and everything turned out okay, lol)

Safe and happy running!


  1. Are you running the Boilermaker?
    As for a PR, that is our constant goal with every race but if it were that easy, it wouldn't mean so much when we do have a great run.
    It looks like it will be sunny, hot, but hopefully less humid. Either way, it's not an easy race so all we can do is ..our best. :)

    1. I am running the Boilermaker! 3 days and counting :p
      Yeah, I'm hoping the weather actually turns out to be nice, or at least better than it's been. When the humidity finally goes away I'll be so much faster!
      Good luck to you if you are going to be running the Boilermaker too!