Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hey Bro, It Was Too Easy

Yesterday I did an elliptical workout. Five minute warm up with two minutes forward and two minutes backwards and a 5 minute cool down, totaling 40 minutes.
As I was stretching, I overheard some meatheads on the treadmills. They were jogging along, and here is what one of them said: "I started out at 5.5, which is like a 10 minute mile. Then I moved up to 6, which is like a 9 minute mile. That was really easy too so I put it on almost 8, which is like a 6 minute mile." Nice try, Meathead, nice try... It made me chuckle to myself and shake my head.
Today's run was a speed workout on the track. While running I felt sluggish all over and sore/tight in my left hip and shin. When I got home to stretch, I realized that my whole body was sore from Monday's weights and yesterday's elliptical. It was such a delayed onset that my body wasn't awake enough to realize it was sore until after my run! I stretched a bit afterwards and plan to stretch some more later today.
I have weights planned later today and have a feeling I will be even more sore tomorrow. It's okay, it's a good sore!

What form of exercise always leaves you hurting the next day?
What's the funniest thing you've witnessed in the gym lately?

Safe and happy running!

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