Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Oh, Hello There...

So, I am ashamed that my last post was in August!
 What could I have possibly been doing since then, you ask? Job hunting. I spent all my free computer time searching and writing resumes and cover letters and all that good stuff. It definitely paid off though! You are looking at the new Educator/Care Specialist at ACR Health :)

I get to run a youth group, and I go into schools and teach youth about HIV and STD prevention, healthy relationships, pregnancy prevention, body image/self esteem, suicide prevention, LGBTQ sensitivity, etc. A whole host of topics I am now knowledgeable on. So for the rest of August and all of September I was busting my butt at Dick's Sporting Goods and interviews and job hunting. Then on October 1st I started my new job.
I must admit, it was daunting at first. I had worked with youth a lot before, but not in such large groups (the schools usually have around 20 girls). My work had been mostly case management (one-on-one) and small groups of 3-5 or so. I have settled in nicely though and my boss was great about letting me get trained and comfortable. Now I go in and do everything all by myself :)
But wait, this is a running blog! I must admit I've been quite a slacker. I've been doing Insanity as best I can, yet I've been having to drive an hour one way for trainings while getting into my new job. It's been a struggle to get in what I want to get in. I'm pretty sure I'm going to do a Turkey Trot near my hometown on Thanksgiving (duh, lol), and maybe a First Snow run in the beginning of December?
Brian and I just got our big, playful, loveable dog at our apartment two days ago. He'd been living with my mom for the past two years, but now we have him. He needs a little refresher course on the leash, but I'm hoping within a few weeks I can run with him. Ziggy (the dog) can get his exercise and I can get mine!

Speaking of Brian, I've been moving forward with wedding plans. We've got the venue, caterer, florist, photographer, officiant, and save-the-dates done. Next up: my dress, bridesmaids dresses, invitations, and registry. Phew! It's been a whirlwind of wedding plans.

Hmmmn.... This blog is also about my social work adventure, so I guess I'll update you on grad school plans. I'm pretty sure I remember saying how I'm not going to SU (hence the job). I have already submitted my application for SUNY Albany, and just have to tweak my personal statement and I'll be all set to apply to Boston University's online program. I think I'm leaning toward the online program. It has one class right after the other all year round for 2 & 1/2 years. I'd still be done at about the same time, but will really be able to focus on each class and my work. Who knows. I'll take it as it comes. I've got to be accepted first!
Well, I think that's all of the important stuff for now. I apologize for the hiatus! Lots of stuff happened all at once. I am hoping on getting at least one post up per week. And I'm hoping to run more... Well, work out more in general but definitely run before the suuuper icy cold weather hits.

Does anyone have any tips for running with a dog (and a big one, at that!)?
What has everyone else been up to the past month? Any races, or just good news in general?
How much have you missed me?! :p

Safe and happy running!


  1. Hey there - I will try to write more tonight, but just wanted to let you know that I missed your blog! Congrats on all of your life changing events and I am glad to have you back! As for me, I ran two ½ marathons in October, one of them with a PR of 2:03:14!

    Welcom Back,


    1. Thats so great :) 2 halfs?! Does that equal a whole?! Lol