Monday, November 11, 2013


Second run with Ziggy today! We went a little further and slightly faster :)
Today we ran 1.45 miles and I stopped when he stopped. Didn't sleep to good last night so I figured this was better than nothing. He did really well. We took a new route that he's not used to walking. There was this man walking a little terrier type dog that was NOT well behaved and it made nervous. I had him sit while they went by us. He was also really good with cars on the road and people walking by us. The only time besides the little dog that he almost lost it was when he saw a couple squirrels chasing each other. I don't blame him, but we got past them just fine. Literally a tenth of a mile from home.
I think Zig likes the runs. When we started today he wanted to take off and I had to reign him in and tell him, "My pace, or no pace, Pigs!" The cats certainly like investigating his leash and the rug by the door when we get back! The picture is of them scattering as I come over to take a picture. It seems as soon as I pull out my phone the animals stop doing whatever cute thing they were doing.

Oh, well. Short post today! I've got many other tasks to tackle on my day off!

Safe and happy running!

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