Thursday, August 22, 2013

Busy Busy!

I have been extremely busy these past couple of weeks!

A lot of changes are happening and decisions are being made. I have decided not to go for my MSW this fall, but instead go next fall to a state school instead of a private one. Financially, it makes much more sense.
I have also been working 13 hour days for the past 3 consecutive days, so not much time to exercise, although I'm doing the best I can. I have to forgive myself for missing the miles and start over next week. Also, I have been looking for a job in my field and was called for an interview! That interview will be held today at 1:00pm, so be sending positive thoughts and energy my way! How cool would it be to have a job where I can use my degree?!

Job #1 also ends for me this Friday. It has been an amazing job for me, but unfortunately when classes start up again on Monday the position must go to a student, which I no longer am at this college :(
I've loved this job and will be sad to leave, but it will be nice to be only working one job and have some free time for family, myself, and my running. If I get the job I'm interviewing for today (a case manager at an adult day services program) then I will no longer need to work at Dick's Sporting Goods.
Also, Brian and I have decided to use this year off to plan our wedding! We've already been engaged for almost 2 full years, and the longer we keep putting off the wedding, the longer we will continue to put it off. I want his last name, hehe! We are starting to formulate plans and are waiting to hear back from the woman at our venue so we can confirm the date we'd like. Then we will be able to set out save-the-dates and get the ball rolling! I'm very excited!
So, like I said, a lot of changes and decisions being made for me just in these past two weeks! It is all very exciting and new, and I am at a happy place right now. Things are going good and I hope it continues this way. I am also probably going to buy a Keurig tomorrow! Which is exciting for me because I've wanted one for a while now. Mmmm coffeeeeeeee.

I've also been wanting to write a review of my Garmin FR210. I think I've had it long enough to give an accurate report of how it works for me and my running goals, so look out for that post in the near future.

Lately my knee has been acting up with this crazy work week of 7.5 hours straight of sitting and 5.5 hours straight of standing. It's very frustrating knowing that all I have to do is my physical therapy exercises and it will feel better, yet not having even a single spare moment to do the exercises!!

Just one more 13 hour day and then things will calm down for me!! Just one more day. I can do this!!

Safe and happy running!

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