Friday, August 9, 2013

Colorado Springs Part III: Wrapping It Up

After the race, we were all about food. We went to this restaurant called The Melting Pot, which was 4 courses of fondue.
First, we had to have our post race drinks! Melissa and I ordered the "Wine Train" which was a glass of a different type of wine with ever course. Yum!
We all had a great time.
And while all of the food was amazing, I think dessert was my favorite!
Sunday morning held ziplining across a 12 story ravine. Notice our proudly displayed shirts! Our legs weren't too sore thanks to the hot tub at the YMCA :)
We harnessed up...
And began to wonder if this was really such a good idea. Especially with my fear of heights.
 But we hopped in the Bronco anyway.
I took a trust fall backwards (literally) off the first edge, and there was no turning around.
But we lived! And actually started to enjoy ourselves after the first terrifying zip.
Enough to let go of all my inhibitions!
I think I've conquered my fear of heights...
Enough to complete the fastest zipline of the day upside down! With a little victory dance before landing on the other side :)
After ziplining came Garden of the Gods, full of beautiful rock formations.
The red rocks were incredible.
And we even saw a snake! Not a rattler, though. Mark informed me that if they have circle pupils, they're not poisonous. If they have eyes like cats with the vertical slits, then you have to worry. Circle pupils here, thank Garden of the Gods!
And of course we had to do the nerdy tourist picture of holding up Balancing Rock :)
 Garden of the Gods concluded Sunday, and Monday was some relaxed shopping followed by food highlights. This was my ice cream at a place called YoYogurt. You walk in and there is a wall of self-serve frozen yogurt flavors and then there is a bar of candies and fruits, much like a salad bar. I tried pretty much everything, and my giant bowl weighed enough at the end to be a frozen treat costing over $7! I loved every bite.
Sunday night concluded with dinner at Texas Roadhouse, compliments of my Gramma. Here, the kids are lined up for an applesauce eating contest where no hands are allowed! :) Max stood up after about 2 mouthfuls, realizing he doesn't like applesauce. Maddie came in second :)

And that's all there is! Melissa woke up ridiculously early with me to take me to the airport so I could catch my 6:20am flight. I spent the better part of the day on a plane and arrived back to my apartment a little after 7:00pm. My mom and I waited on the stoop for around 15 minutes because I didn't have key. Finally, we decided to check the knob, just to make sure it was locked. The door popped open, and after laughing hysterically and our stupidity, we trudged inside to unpack.

It was a wonderful vacation and break from reality. Everything went as best as it possibly could have. I had a fantastic time and hope to return to Colorado soon with the fiance in tow! Just perhaps not for a mountainous race next time... :)

Safe and happy running!

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