Thursday, May 30, 2013

Where Shall I Begin...?

Okay, since I absolutely love talking about running and just working out in general, I figured, "why not blog about it and give my poor family and friends a break?!" And let's face it, who wouldn't want a group of followers hanging on their every word?! (Note: this is NOT a cult... yet, haha!) Please excuse my sarcastic and usually inappropriate humor. I was a Psych major for my bachelors, and we're all a little crazy... This blog will focus on my running/fitness journey, as well as my education (I start working towards my MSW in the fall), struggle to eat a healthy diet, and anything else I feel like rambling about. Occasionally I will promote products. (Another Note: I don't receive any compensation for ranting or raving about products, I just let you know what works or doesn't work for me)

On to what's on my mind! Today is a special day because I have two packages coming in the mail! I love getting packages, and I feel like a giddy little child at Christmastime. The first package contains six, count 'em SIX, sports bras! They are Moving Comfort brand (my all time favorite!) and I got them through There was a sale of some sort (it may still be going on) and my high-impact bras for large-busted ladies that normally go for $40-50 were between $9-13. I'd call it a steal. So that's the first package and I'm ecstatic about it! I'm training for a 15K mid-July and my very first half marathon the beginning of August, so the four sports bras I own were just not cutting. I was in desperate need and got an awesome deal. The six I bought contained two Moving Comfort styles I've never tried and four of the Maia style, which I live by. Even though I've never worn the first two, I have faith in Moving Comfort. And they're true to size, so whatever you wear in a normal bra is usually what your size will be for them. In case anyone wants to order any... :)

The even more exciting package number two contains... drum-roll please... a Garmin Forerunner 210 Special Edition GPS Running Watch! What a mouthful! I am extremely pumped about this purchase. I was in the market for a new running watch because my trusty Timex Ironman's band was (is) finally beginning to break. I considered just replacing the band, and I still might; that watch has been good to me. But after two years of running strong, the allure of a GPS running watch finally got to me. Once the idea wormed its way into my brain I was a goner! I committed to the FR210 and it will arrive today and I'm having a hard time focusing on other things I should be doing... like working, since I'm at my job. Oops! :) And it's not just today; I've been excited all week. Case in point, on Monday I painted my nails to match my Garmin once it arrives:

Yes, it is going to be white, with that color green! Ahh, why don't I just show you?!
And there she be! I really like that it is going to be HR monitor compatible (in case I decide to shell out another $50 or so for the chest strap). One thing I wish it had is virtual pacer, like the Garmin Forerunner 10 has. I'll get over it though. It still has real time pacing, and I'm more than capable of knowing if that pace is faster or slower than I'd like to be going. Perhaps I'll give a review of it after I've used it awhile?? There aren't too many reviews on the FR210... in English, anyway.

Those are just the packages expected today.  Tomorrow I'm expecting my RoadID Slim in purple, and I hope I got the sizing right. Gotta stay safe in case of an emergency out there!

On Monday I'm expecting the final piece to my new battery of running gear: a red, refurbished 3rd generation iPod shuffle.

At 2GB, or 500 songs, I should be good to go. My current workout playlist had 110 songs on it. After ordering my shuffle I went on the hunt for more music resulting in 132 songs. Either I'm picky, or I didn't hunt hard enough because those extra 21 songs were the product of an entire Saturday.

My previous running gear, before this overhaul, consisted of my Timex Ironman stopwatch, my iPhone for music and Endomondo (a free GPS tracking app for workouts), and occasionally my knee brace. I'm recovering from runner's knee, but I'll save that for a different post. This one's getting a bit long!

The final thing I'm excited about today and will shut up after this, is an interview at Dick's Sporting Goods! :) This news is both good and bad. I'd be getting the job as a second to my full time day job for some extra money, so to be hired would be great! The not-so-great is that my entire paycheck would probably be funneled right back into the store. Imagine all the running clothes, shoes, and fitness goodies I could get with an employee discount! We'll see what happens though. I've interviewed at some other places but since my availability is pretty much limited to weeknights, I'm not sure if they'll take me or not.

And with that, I wish you all happy and safe running!

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