Thursday, May 30, 2013

It Has Arrived!!

My antsy day is over! Hellooooo Garmin :)
I haven't taken it off since I got it. I also haven't taken the GPS for a run yet... It's about 92 degrees out and humid. I'd probably keel over dead if I tried to run in this heat... Or I'd sweat out any remaining liquids in my body and shrivel up, mummified.

I have, however played with every feature possible. And I must say I'm pretty impressed. I only hope I continue to be impressed on my long run Saturday (or possibly a trial run tomorrow morning). We will see what the weather holds. Lately there's been severe thunderstorms that come and go in an instant with damaging winds and hail, along with flash floods... Not my cup-o-tea to run in. The watch has been pretty comfortable so far considering I'm hot and sticky due to weather.

The sports bras also arrived and fit wonderfully, as I knew they would :) Trusty Moving Comfort, always keeping the girls safe and happy. 

Above is a picture of the Maia style that I was raving about in my earlier post. If you see this bra anywhere buy it immediately and don't look back! You can thank me later. It also comes in black, white, and "surf," aka blue.

Lastly, my interview at Dick's Sporting Goods went well! After about 40 minutes of questions, I advanced to round two *ding*ding*. I did a survey thingy on their computer and the results will be sent to the big wigs all in good time. Hopefully I will hear from them tomorrow about setting up another interview with said big wigs, if the survey results are favorable. (But why wouldn't they be? I'm awesome hehe) I didn't realize it was such an intricate process to be hired at Dick's... Good for those who already work there. Granted if I got the job, I'd be in it for the long haul. Through getting my MSW, anyway. I really wish it wasn't so damn hot! At least the bedroom has an air conditioner.

Well, that about sums things up for now. In the future I plan on telling whoever stumbles upon this blog about my victory garden, some of my healthy recipes I try to eat, my daily workouts (I may even post my training schedule), and other random stuff, like things in my workout room, or a list of my workout songs for those who care. I know I'm always looking for new running songs!

But really, I've got to go spend time with the fiance while he's home. That never happens in the summer!

Avoid the heat waves and run safe!


  1. Oooh I have been dying to try that watch out. You have to let me know if it's a good buy. This would work so well for me.

    1. Absolutely! I've gotten more than one request to do a review! I'd like to make sure I have a good handle on what the watch can really do, and then I'll definitely give a rundown of it!