Friday, May 31, 2013

Test Run & Workout Room

This morning I was just so excited about my Garmin that I did a test mile with it. It calibrated nicely with my brain, lol. Meaning: the route I thought would be a mile was pretty spot on. For example, I would think, "okay, it's probably about 2 tenths of a mile till the next corner." Sure enough! I guess I've gotten really good at measuring running distances for being severely directionally challenged. So far so good :) I still have to use it on a longer run and see how well it charges and transfers my data onto the computer. All in good time!

My actual workout today was 35 minutes of cross training on my spin bike.
Well, 35:05 because I'm an overachiever! This workout consisted of five minutes to get used to the bike. Then the "work" part started. Five sets of four thirty seconds hard and thirty seconds rest with one minute of rest between each set. Except for set number four. I had a brain fart and did an extra sprint, which never hurt anyone! Again, overachiever :)

You may be wondering what the rest of my bike looks like. Here, I'll show you!
It's a Sunny Health & Fitness Pro Indoor Cycling Bike. Works well for my purposes. One issue I've had with it is that the right pedal fell off during a particularly fast spin... When it did, it stripped some of the threads used to screw it on, so after just about every workout I have to ensure that it is still secured onto the bike. One more falling out and I doubt I'd be able to get the pedal back on!

So I also decided that today I'd show you the rest of my workout room, since the spin bike is just a sneak peek.
In all it's sweaty glory... Shown is my spin bike in it's position when I'm not riding it, my Proform treadmill, my free weights, and my stability ball. In the bottom left corner you can see a smidgen of one of my running shoe boxes. There's also my fan because it's blazing hot to work out in a 2nd story apartment when it's 90 degrees out, and my printer. Out of the frame is my desk next to the printer, although it's mostly covered in running things instead of office things. The corner I'm taking this from has a loveseat we are waiting to have picked up. I also have a step, yoga mat, foam roller, and jump rope that didn't make the picture. Psychedelic wallpaper, right?

That's a brief overview of the toys I work out with. After my quick cardio session this morning it was off to shower and get ready for my day. Part of which included making my lunch, which I pack every day (mostly). Today I harvested some veggies and herbs from my garden for a salad totally from my victory garden!
I picked red leaf lettuce, romaine, some basil leaves, and across the top are a few chives. Yum! Kinda skimpy for now but other veggies will be added as soon as they grow!


The first sprouts are baby radishes. This picture was taken yesterday, and they were already triple that size this morning! The second sprout is collard, also taken yesterday and also larger this morning!
This is an overview of my entire victory garden.  Further along the railing on the right where it cuts off there is another hanging off the railing and a topsy turvy hung. All the veggies and herbs in my garden are as follows: zucchini, summer squash, bell peppers, radishes, spinach, swiss chard, red leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, burpless cucumbers, roma tomatoes, collards, basil, oregano, chives, and cilantro. I can't wait until everything is ready to harvest!

Later today holds the arrival of my RoadID Slim in purple. Needless to say I'm excited! Not as excited as I was for my Garmin and bras (one of which I'm wearing today, super comfy), but still pumped. This afternoon I'll do a lifting session from the New Rules of Lifting for Women (NROLFW) book. I'm on stage 1 and will be doing workout A for the 3rd time.

I did NROLFW last summer too and was really pleased with the results. Although the number on the scale went up a little, as it does with building muscle, my stomach was definitely more toned and flatter.  I'm hoping for the same results this summer, especially after my runner's knee hiatus. We will see how it goes!

Safe & happy running!

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