Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving, Thanksgoing, Thanksgone!

Wow. So much running stuff to happen in one week! Shall we start with my Turkey Trot? I was met at the start by two friends and we couldn't wait to start running in the frigid air. It was 13 degrees and felt even colder with the wind chill.
Ignore the woman in capris. She was insane. I'm the one in red with the face mask and I was so cold! All in all it was successful though! Definitely burned off the turkey :)
The day after Thanksgiving I did another run because my fiance and I went for a second Thanksgiving at a friends house. My solo do-over turkey trot was 3.22 at a 9:37 pace. I'm making a comeback with my speed! And my knee has been feeling better. I've taken great care to listen to my body and be sure and stretch after my runs, even if only a little.

Then Sunday I enjoyed a wonderful morning run with the running group! Just two runners again this time, but one walker. Yesterday after work held a 1.89 mile run with Ziggy. All was good for the first mile but then I noticed him limping a little so we walk/jogged the rest of the way home. Once we got back to the apartment he was completely fine though, tearing through the rooms like he didn't just go on an almost two mile run/walk. A friend on Dailymile mentioned that perhaps he got some rock salt on his paw and the salt stung. I'm thinking he's right because yesterday was a warmer, slushier day so people definitely salted the sidewalks.
Once I dropped Zig home I went back out to get my heart rate up, since the run with Zig didn't really do it. 2.03 miles later at a awesome 9:01 pace, I was satisfied. I'm so happy I'm getting my speed back! It won't be too much longer before I start speed work and hills again and hopefully see a time drop! I'd like to be under 25:30 for a 5K by the end of next summer, maybe even under break 25 minutes! Meep! The possibilities are endless!!

And finally, today I went 2.23 miles with my friend Heather and Ziggy. It was the first run with Zig that involved another person. He was pretty distractable and misbehaved for the first quarter mile but then he settled into it. Not only was it the best run Ziggy's ever done in terms of speed, it is the farthest he's ever gone too! I was so excited not to have to drag him the last mile. He kept the pace up and seemed like he was ready to go further at the end. In the next few days I'm pretty sure I can have him running 5Ks with me! I don't know if I'll take him for runs longer than 5Ks. Heather on the other hand misbehaved the entire run. She really didn't like being on a leash, haha! :p

Tomorrow the running group meets and hopefully I will have enough gumption to join them. I won't be running in the morning due to an early staff meeting for work so my day will start an hour and a half earlier than normal. I still really enjoy my job and am getting more comfortable and competent every day! I started teaching my first group of boys. It should make for an interesting few weeks.

Tell me about your Thanksgiving!
What goals do you have for the winter running season? Any big ones for the summer?

Safe and happy running!


  1. Love your blog!!!

    My goals - 6:59 pace for 5k; 7:59 pace for 10k; 8:59 pace for 13.1.

    Will be running a 25k in May and a full Marathon in Lake Tahoe in September!!!

    In order to meet those goals, I will need to lose another 20 pounds. :)

    Currently doing the Runner's World streak... (Page 60 of the current issue)

    Keep posting, I always read :)


    1. The 10k and the 13.1 paces are realistic in 2014... Long ways to go on the 5k goal though :)

    2. Haha! I'm loving the :59 seconds :p I understand though. A second can mean quite a bit, especially over such distances. Press on and make smaller goals along the way of the big one! I find that helps. I'm attempting the streak too. I didn't know about it until Sunday so I didn't run on Saturday, but I'm counting it anyway! The average mileage will definitely be more than one per day, so it all works out in the end :)

  2. The 10k Pace gets me under 50, and the 13.1 pace gets me under 2 hours - so there is even more to it than just the 59's :)